Wrestling with Flavor: The Birth of Headlock Hot Sauce

Born in Houston, TX during the pandemic, Headlock Hot Sauce combines all-natural ingredients with a passion for ’80s wrestling, creating flavorful concoctions suitable for diverse diets.

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our journey and vision

Amidst the unpredictability of lockdown, in the heart of Houston, a group of friends stumbled upon a culinary revelation. Their experiments with spices and flavors, using the distinct carrot as a base, resonated with friends and family, sparking the idea of transforming their hobby into a vibrant business. What began as simple sauce creations quickly morphed into an endeavor that seamlessly married their love for food and iconic ’80s wrestling. The nostalgic and entertaining aura of wrestling, combined with their unmatched sauce recipes, set the stage for a brand that’s both playful and packed with punch.

Our Mission: To be the must-have sauce for wrestling enthusiasts, culinary adventurers, and those committed to fitness. We craft flavors that resonate with your passions, ensuring every drop is a testament to wrestling drama, culinary art, and healthy living.

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At the helm of Headlock Hot Sauce are three dedicated managing partners, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Our Founder and CEO sparked the initial vision, deeply rooted in a passion for ’80s pro wrestling and flavorful concoctions. Together, they’ve shaped Headlock into a dynamic brand known for its playful essence and commitment to quality.

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Darren Tompkins – Chief Executive Officer

Creator and Founder with a passion for pro wrestling, hot sauce and marketing.
Graduate of the University of South Carolina

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Stephanie Hill – Chief Operating Officer

Experienced logistics specialist in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Graduate of Virginia Tech

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Rick McCoy – Vice President of Sales

A veteran of multiple successful national sales campaigns to major retailers including BlackRock Inc, Refresco Beverages, Central American Bottling Corporation, Ol’ Gringo Chile Company, Walmart, Costco, and Coca-Cola.

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Unlock a life of bold flavors, vibrant community, and a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle. Dive into the spice world where minimal ingredients craft a maximum product experience.

Hammerlock Jalapeno Lime

100% jalapeños, carrots, onions, cilantro and a generous amount of lime to create an easy tasting sauce that our customers seem to use a lot of! We core the jalapeños for a smooth flavor everyone can enjoy! This is our mildest sauce.

Headlock Signature Blend

Medium blend sauce made with jalapeños, habaneros, carrots, onion, and garlic. The 50/50 blend of jalapeños and habaneros creates just enough heat to please even the most skeptical of light heavyweights! Our customers are using this on everything from breakfast to late night snacks.

Suplex Super Hot

Not for the faint of heart! The greatest title contenders will enjoy this incredible blend of carrot with 100% habanero flavor in our Suplex Super Hot. It’s like hoisting the heavyweight belt. Our customers on anything and everything that needs an extra kick!

Headlock Royal Rumble

This seasonal special blend marries the intense heat of red habaneros, scorpion peppers, scotch bonnets, ghost peppers, and a selection of other specialty peppers. Experience a flavorful showdown in every drop, perfect for those who crave a true chili challenge. Limited Availability!