About Us

SUPLEX YOUR TASTE BUDS! From Houston, Texas this incredible hot sauce is perfect from breakfast to midnight snacks, and everything in between. 

Headlock Hot Sauce was founded during the early days of the pandemic in Houston, TX. Several close friends realized their lockdown hobby could blossom into a business backed by amazing, all natural recipes that customers could not get enough of. We have developed three high quality sauces that are Keto, Whole30, gluten free, and diabetic friendly with CARROTS being our base ingredient and nothing artificial added. Then we threw our love for 80s wrestling into the mix to create a really fun brand!

Darren Tompkins – Chief Executive Officer

  • Creator and founder with a passion for pro wrestling, hot sauce and marketing.
  • Graduate of the University of South Carolina

Stephanie Hill – Chief Operating Officer

  • Experienced logistics specialist in oil and gas. 
  • Graduate of Virginia Tech

Monica Belsito – Chief Marketing Officer

  • VP of Omnichannel Sales & Integrated Marketing at Sabra Dipping Company
  • Prior experience includes Chief Marketing Officer at Lola, Head of Brand Development at Dollar Shave Club, and Brand Manager at Colgate Palmolive
  • MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Georgetown University

Rick McCoy – Vice President of Sales

  • A veteran of multiple successful national sales campaigns to major retailers including BlackRock Inc, Refresco Beverages, Central American Bottling Corporation, Ol’ Gringo Chile Company, Walmart, Costco, and Coca-Cola.
  • Prior experience includes Production management at Coca-Cola Company

Doug Campbell – Director of Sales

  • A veteran product Sales Director with successes at Stoli Group, Red Bull North America, and Phivia
  • Graduate of the Northern Institute of Technology, Alberta